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Multiple Entry Discounts

Discounts available for multiple entries

The standard entry price is £225 however we are pleased to provide a 25% discounted rate for anyone entering three or more entries at a time.

Anyone entering 10 or more products at a time will receive a discounted rate of 33%.

The discount will be applied automatically when making payment for entering. 

If you experience any difficulties gaining the discount when entering three or more products please contact

Food & Drink


Includes: bread, pies, cakes, savoury, sweet biscuits and pastries

Judged on: quality, presentation, taste, texture and "moreishness"

£ 225.00 +VAT (20%)


Beverage making and dispense equipment

Includes: juicers, smoothie makers, drinks dispensers, coffee machines, hot chocolate dispensers, milk shake dispensers, water filtration taps, water boilers, water dispensers and taps, insulated air-pots

Judged on: quality and speed of serve and labour-saving credentials. Design and benefits to operator

£ 225.00 +VAT (20%)

Beers, wines and spirits

Includes: beers, craft beers, cider, wine, sparking wine, champagne and spirits

Judged on: flavour, serve, pairing benefits, innovation, relevance for market and branding

£ 225.00 +VAT (20%)

Crockery, cutlery, glassware and table top

Includes: plates, bowls, serving dishes, cutlery, serving spoons and servings tools, glasses, vases, lights, condiment display/organiser, platters, napkins, table cloths, bread baskets, cruets, candles, tealights and napkins holders

Judged on: design, visual impact and durability for purpose. Tableware should be a single model/plate or a signature serving dish or specific piece of hollowware or a single table accessory. Ranges of tableware incorporating plates, cups, saucers, side plates, etc, will not be accepted

£ 225.00 +VAT (20%)


Includes: all types and formats of coffee: instant, ground, beans, pod, bag and capsule

Judged on: flavour, strength, mouth feel, aroma, length and quality of serve

£ 225.00 +VAT (20%)

Food preparation equipment

Includes: fruit and vegetable food processors, food mixers, water baths, sous vide machines, ice cream makers, spice grinders, pasta makers, dehydrators, mincers, potato rumblers, veg prep machines and slicers

Judged on: labour-saving credentials, ease of use and innovation

£ 225.00 +VAT (20%)


Includes: chutneys, pickles, dressings, oils, preserves, table sauces and ketchups

Judged on: flavour, balance and variants, innovation and flexibility of use

£ 225.00 +VAT (20%)


Includes: laundry, cleaning products & chemicals

Judged on: environmental credentials and benefits to the sector

Please note: Multiple Entry Discount will be applied at the summary stage of the order.

£ 225.00 +VAT (20%)


Includes: drinks, custards, yoghurt, cheese, butter, spreads, cream and cream alternatives

Judged on: nutritional USP's, health benefits, brand strength and sector benefits

£ 225.00 +VAT (20%)


Includes: ranges, hobs and stoves

Judged on: design, speed, efficiency and cost-saving credentials

£ 225.00 +VAT (20%)


Includes: cakes, sponges, tray bakes, cheesecake, tarts, puddings, slices, roulades, crumbles and pies

Judged on: flavour, texture, vibrancy, innovation and sector benefits

£ 225.00 +VAT (20%)

Prime cooking equipment

Includes: ranges, convection ovens, fryers and grills, salamanders and steamers, microwaves, broilers and multi-use bratt pans

Judged on: efficiency, functionality, design and benefits to end user

£ 225.00 +VAT (20%)

Fish and seafood

Includes: all fish and seafood

Judged on: taste, flavour, presentation, innovation and benefits for end-user

£ 225.00 +VAT (20%)

Refrigeration and ice makers

Includes: display cabinets, blast chillers and freezers

Judged on: energy efficiency, storage capacity, innovation and gas technology

£ 225.00 +VAT (20%)


Includes: all frozen products are eligible

Judged on: flavour, speed of serve and benefits to operator

£ 225.00 +VAT (20%)

Technology: Hardware

Includes: computers, hand-held screens, laptops, tablets, mobile devices, cables, connectors, power supply units, keyboards, audio speakers and printers

Judged on: innovation, benefits to operator, convenience and money-saving credentials

£ 225.00 +VAT (20%)

Meat, game and poultry

Includes: entries can be submitted fresh, frozen and tinned, and can include all formats of meat, game and poultry whether smoked, cured, sliced, brined or baked

Judged on: taste, flavour, aroma, presentation and innovation and benefits for end-user

£ 225.00 +VAT (20%)


Includes: mobile apps, compliance aids, online booking tools, EPOS/POS systems, in-room hotel services, interfaces, revenue and rota management tools, wireless monitoring systems and CRM

Judged on: innovation, benefits to operator, convenience and money-saving credentials

£ 225.00 +VAT (20%)


Includes: sandwiches, wraps, pasties, sausage rolls, salads, soups, cereal bars, crisps, nuts and popcorn

Judged on: convenience, added value to operators and purpose/benefit for end-user

£ 225.00 +VAT (20%)


Includes: dishwashers, glass washers, pot washers: under-counter, rack, pass-through and flight formats

Judged on: energy and water usage, functionality, quality of results and speed

£ 225.00 +VAT (20%)

Soft drinks and juices

Includes: carbonates, fruit juices, smoothies, lifestyle drinks and energy drinks

Judged on: flavour and innovation, please also consider the sugar content - this is an important factor

£ 225.00 +VAT (20%)

Waste management

Includes: bins, recycling bins, bin stores, waste compactors and waste systems

Judged on: reduction or management of waste, innovation, technology, efficiencies and cost savings and benefit to operators

£ 225.00 +VAT (20%)

Still, sparkling and flavoured water

Includes: still, sparkling and flavoured water

Judged on: flavour, pairing benefits, innovation, relevance for market and branding

£ 225.00 +VAT (20%)

Workwear and uniforms

Includes: chefs’ jackets, corporate suits, office uniforms, aprons and protective hats and footwear

Judged on: style, colours, suitability for job function, durability and comfort

£ 225.00 +VAT (20%)

Special diet

Includes: any food or drink products for vegetarians or people with food intolerances eg. Dysphagia, Gluten free, Lactose and Free-From

Judged on: please highlight the benefits of your products that assist in supporting customers in this sector

£ 225.00 +VAT (20%)

Tea and hot chocolate

Includes: Tea - herbal, decaffeinated, fruit, loose and bags. Hot chocolate - powdered, block and beans

Judged on: flavour, variants, aroma and quality of serve

£ 225.00 +VAT (20%)