The 2019 PEAs shortlisted finalists:

Ancillary cooking equipment

• Jestic, Winston, CVap 7-series Cook and Hold Cabinets

• Lincat, Cibo/B

• Merrychef, Merrychef e1s


• Café de Nata, Raspberry Pastel de Nata

• Creative Foods, Steak & Merlot Pie with Beef Dripping

• Delifrance UK, Hand-crafted Micro Roll assortment

Beverage making and dispense equipment

• Franke Coffee Systems, Franke S700 Semi-Automatic

• JDE, Douwe Egberts, Cafitesse Excellence Touch

• The Brew It Group, Milkit, Milk Tap System

• UCC Coffee, Thermoplan, Black&White4


• Change Please, Adventurous Blend

• Tiki Tonga, No. 8-10 Coffee Capsule

• UCC, Orang Utan Coffee


• Avlaki, Avlaki Lesvos Groves Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

• Belazu Ingredient Company, Aged Malt Vinegar

• Belazu Ingredient Company, Red Pepper Tapenade

• Farrington’s, Mellow Yellow Cold-Pressed Rapeseed Oil

• Rubies in the Rubble, Tomato Ketchup


•Booker, Crunch Extra Mature Cheddar

• Eurilait, Alfresco Barbecue Cheese Steaks – plain

• Eurilait, Paysan Breton creamy cheese – garlic and herb

• Long Clawson Dairy, Long Clawson Blue Stilton slices


• Brioche Pasquier, Macarons Classique

• Traiteur de Paris, Cappuccino individual desserts

• Unilever, Carte D’Or Professional Crème Brûlée/Crème Caramel

Food preparation equipment

• EcoBurner, Refillable EcoBurner

• Mitchell & Cooper, Crustastun

• Robot Coupe, Robot Cook Cooking, Cutter, Blender

Fish and seafood

• Clearwater Fine Foods Europe, Wild-caught Frozen-at-sea Canadian Scallops

• Direct Seafoods, Glitne Halibut

• Paramount 21, Florentine Fishcakes

• Young’s Seafood, Quarter Pounder Fillet of Fish


• Booker, Chef’s Larder Hot ‘n’ Kickin’ Chicken Wings

• Itsu Grocery, Itsu’s Vegetable Fusion Gyoza

• JJ Foodservice, Double Crunch Super Crisp Chip

• Traiteur de Paris, Potato Gratin with White Truffle


• Booker, Clean Pro+ Fast Acting Antibacterial Cleaner and Disinfectant H2FA

• Winterhalter Chemicals, Winterhalter Blue Super Concentrated Surface Cleaner Sanitizer 2L C170

Meat and poultry

• Booker, Blackgate Signature, 6 Ultimate Wagyu Burgers

• Danish Crown, Cumberland Breakfast Burger

• Henson Meats, Henson Salt Beef

Prime cooking

• Convotherm, Convotherm Mini Black

• Frymaster, FilterQuick easyTouch

• Rieber, Catering Circle

• Synergy Grill Technology, Trilogy Grill


• Electrolux Professional Skyline Chills

• Hoshizaki, Gram Baker Pro GA 950

• Williams, Meat Ageing Refrigerator MAR1

Soft drinks

• Coca-Cola European Partners, Coca-Cola Signature Mixers, Herbal Notes

• Coca-Cola European Partners, Coca-Cola Signature Mixers, Smoky Notes

• Fentimans, Oriental Yuzu Tonic

• Martin Frobisher’s, Ginger & Juniper – Spectacular Sparkler


• Belazu Ingredient Company, Tomato & Smoked Paprika Picos

• JEKL, Steak on the Go! – Honeyed Jalapeno

• Supernatural Food, Boundless Activated Nuts & Seeds – Rosemary & Cayenne

• We Love Purely, Nice & Spicy Plantain Chips

Special diet

• Bidfood, Simply Puree Level 4 Cottage Pie

• Bidfood, Simply Puree Allergen Aware Level 4 Pureed Chickpea Stew

• Miami Burger, Classic Miami Plant-Based Burger

Tea and hot chocolate

• Shibui Tea, Earl Grey Teabags

• Thorntons, Luxury Hot Chocolate Powder

• Twinings, All Day Decaf Teabags


• Aptus Systems, Spoonfed Software

• Food Alert, FACT Safety Management Browser and App

• Syft, SyftForce Rota and Team Management App


• Hobart Equipment, Two-Level Washer

• Meiko, M-iClean HXL

• Meiko, M-iClean US Glasswasher with Integral GiO Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment

• Winterhalter Under-counter Masterpiece Glasswasher

Wine and spirits

• Booker, Alfred Button & Sons, Lovely Lemon Sherbet Shimmer Gin

• Booker, Don Pavral Rioja Crianza

• Matthew Clark, Bottega Gold Prosecco Doc Brut